Why your Phone gets Hot and how to Fix it


If your phone is getting hot or overheating, there are a number of possible causes. Whether you’re using an iPhone or an Android device, find out what’s making your phone get so hot, how to fix the problem, and how to stop it from happening again.

Why does my phone get hot?

A common question with no single answer, we’re here to help you supersleuth your way to the bottom of this hot topic (couldn’t help myself). Note that this doesn’t include your phone getting warm from time to time, which is completely normal; it is an electronic device after all, and electronic devices work via the movement of electricity, which creates heat — simple physics. But if your phone is regularly turning up the heat to the point where it’s uncomfortable to hold, there could be a more serious problem going on that could ultimately speed up your phone’s aging process.

1. Use Original Charger

Have you at any point read the manual that comes with your smart-phone? Each telephone manufacturing company always specified that don’t use fake or duplicate chargers since it might harm your phone’s battery. The battery is the major reason behind why our phone overheats. In this manner make sure to utilize the original charger that accompanies your phone.

2. Charging Phone Properly

You should make sure to use the original charger and ensure you don’t charge your gadget for a really long time in the daytime head. Simply charge to 70 or 80% during the day and full charge the gadget during the night.

3. Check Your WiFi

All things considered, WiFi itself doesn’t make your cell phone to overheat. In any case, it’s the apps that get activated on the background anytime your cell phone connects with a WiFi network. In this way, make sure to check all the background updates whenever your telephone connects to a WiFi network.

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4. Turn Off The Bluetooth, GPS

Bluetooth and GPS ceaselessly search for available networks out of sight. On the off chance that you are running Android games and the Bluetooth, GPS features of your phone is on, then it can make your phone to overheat. Therefore, ensure you off the Bluetooth and GPS if you don’t really need them.

5. Multi-Tasking

The applications and things you carried out on your phone are the same things as in your life. They can pile up with time and again overwhelmed. If your Android is getting hot in consistent basis then there are high possibilities your telephone have an application that it can’t handle.

6. Don’t Overuse

All things considered, we have a habit to accuse our Android gadget for heating up. But, we neglect to check our usage habits. Our smartphones are very powerful. However they are not made for ceaseless use, unlike gaming consoles or PCs. These days, we use phones more than PCs. Our telephone doesn’t have any cooling network like we have in our PCs. Thus, we should quit overusing our Android device.

7. Heavy streaming

Watching movies and videos is another fact that may make your phone overheats. Usually we spend most of our time watching films in our Android gadget while traveling. This requires more work from your telephone processor which expends the power as well as overheats.

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8. Heavy gaming

Your Android play store gives you the varieties of entertaining games and applications are developed and discovered each day. Some of the applications and games consume more processing power than others depending upon the complexity of the application and when you combine these two, at that point they begin heating up.

9. Clean your phone Junk files

You should need to clean all the junk documents, caches and cookies, these garbage files may hurt your CPU and Ram which prompts overheating.

10. Damaged Battery

The primary fact if your telephone is getting hot then it is probably that your battery is old or failing. You should replace it on time. if you bought it for less than a year, at that point you should do free battery replacement by claiming the warranty .

11. Proper Ventilation Of Android Device

We should have a daily life example when you are strolling in the cold region and the cold breeze is blowing and you didn’t have gloves to wear, at that point you put you usually your hands in the pocket to get warm.

Likewise, every cell phone requires some ventilation. If your telephone appears overheating when it is in your pocket, then carry out from your pocket and let it have some ventilation. Keep it in your nice comfortable pockets with the goal that it can breathe a little bit and gets cool.

12. Water Damage

Normally, every one of us listens to songs while washing or taking bath. Overheating and power issues happen mostly with water involvement.

Find the LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) sticker on your telephone to ensure that your telephone isn’t encountering any issue related to liquid damage or moisture.


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